Vietnam Visa For Foreigners

2016-11-02 10:08:33

Vietnam visa for foreigners. International tourists who want to go to viet nam, need to have an entry document. Entry visa is issued at offices of diplomatic and viet nam consular representatives at foreign. Unless the case is had offices of diplomatic and viet nam consular representatives at foreign, tourist can be issued at visa at viet nam border. But you must have invitation of office representative that has authorization in viet nam, or joint tour group that is organized by viet nam inbound or outbound tour companies.


  • The application form for entry Visa (the application form can be change because of depending on offices of diplomatic and Viet Nam consular representatives at foreign). Having two forms: one for a foreign person and one for Vietnamese who settle abroad. The customer need to declare completely, clearly all requirements in form.
  • Two pictures: 4cm x 6cm or 3cm x 4cm.
  • Original passport.
  • Fee Visa.

Customer’s application form and picture must send to office of diplomatic representative and Viet Nam office representative at abroad. If the customer require, the result is returned by post office (The customer need to provide envelope which is stick stamp and write clearly full name, address of receiver).

To apply for entry visa more convenient and quickly, tourist can use service of a Viet Nam inbound and outbound tour company. Customer need to provide information below to travel company:

1. Full name.

2. Date of birth and place to birth.

3. Nationality.

4. Position in career.

5. Number of passport.

6. Date of arrival, date of departure.

7. Where country does customer intent to receive entry Visa at office diplomatic representative, Viet Nam Consulate at?

With Vietnamese is settle abroad, some information is needed to supplement:

– What year and why did you leave Viet Nam?

– Which transportation did you leave Viet Nam?

– Full name and address of relative at Viet Nam.

– The relationship between you and relative at Viet Nam.


  • Citizen of countries is signed bilateral agreement to entry-free with Viet Nam: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Lao, Japan, and Korea.
  • Entry-free for citizen of countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland according to Decision No.808/2005/QĐ-BNG on 13/04/2005 by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to enclose regulation of entry-free toward citizen of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland country.
  • From 01/05/2005, regardless of passport and purpose of entry, citizen of countries above is free entry for immigration Viet Nam with temporary term that is not over 15 days from date of entry if they meet conditions: A lawful passport is issued by authorized office of country that person who is own passport is citizen; Passport must have valid at least 03 months from date of entry; Taking roundtrip ticket of transportation or continue to go another country; they are not in case as though to forbid entry or do not had permit entry according to regulation of Viet Nam Law.
  • People are free entry above after they enter Viet Nam. If they want to stay over 15 days and if having legitimate reason, they must have a permit by office, organization, Viet Nam person that make suggestion to Ministry of Public Security (Immigration Department) or Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consul Department, Board of Ceremonies, Ho Chi Minh Foreign Office). This case is considered to issue entry visa and renew a temporary residence that is appropriate with purpose to stay in Viet Nam.
  • With citizen of countries above, if you want to come Viet Nam with a temporary term over 15 days, they must have entry visa according to Viet Nam regulations.


+ Volunteer youth travel joint stock company (VYC Travel) is a State-owned company directly under the volunteer youth force of Ho Chi Minh City and has been privatized from 2008.

+ VYC Travel is proud of one of the top company that actives in services travel for inbound and outbound at Viet Nam. With 28 years of experience, we have been organized tours for Viet Nam customer to more 100 countries in the world. We actives all services travel of inbound, domestic and outbound, airplane ticket agent, studying aboard consultant, Visa proceedings, immigration proceedings,…

+ VYC Travel had the honor to received Labor Medal – Second rank by Prime Minister and the title “Top ten Inbound and Outbound Tour” in many years by General Directorate of Tourism.

+ Fair price and thoughtful service

+ We guarantee to get thoughtful, professional services to you like as you are my family.

+ The service price is just from $10 for a Visa Viet Nam.

All questions of customer, please contact to our consultants

V.Y.C Travel.,Jsc

178 – 180 Nguyen Cu Trinh St, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, Dist 1, HCMC, Viet Nam


Website: /

Hotline: Ms. Duyên (+84) 917 783 311 Skype: obmanager.vyc


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